The Symposium's main theme is "Suicide or Survival" is seen from the perspective of the four Great Realms, hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. While presentations will be given per sphere, the symposium will end with an integrated (human) perspective using the systems ecological approach and providing views on security on all levels.

Suicide Or Survival

Are we moving towards suicide or survival? The SOS Symposium comes at a decisive time in human history. This first ever event of its kind brings together top scientists, as well as policy-makers and representatives from the non-profit sector, to provide an accurate and scientific diagnosis of planetary ecology and to see where there are options for positive change.


The atmosphere is a crucial part of what makes our Earth liveable. Not only does it provide us with oxygen, it also blocks some of the Sun’s dangerous rays from reaching Earth and traps heat, allowing for a stable climate. But over the past century, human activity has had tremendous impact on the atmosphere. How have big changes like Climate Change altered the atmosphere?

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The hydrosphere is the sum of all water on Earth and the water cycle that distributes it around the planet. It’s because of the hydrosphere that life flourishes on Earth. Human activity has many impacts on water on Earth, including pollution, warming and changes in run-off. Learn more about the implications from a scientific viewpoint.

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The lithosphere is rock and soil that surrounds Earth and contains living organisms. Mining and pollution, among others, have led to the degradation and erosion of soil, the pollution of groundwater resources and the disruption of fragile rock formations. Learn more about how the lithosphere is impacted by human activity.

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The biosphere is the global ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships. Humans threaten other species by competing for resources, overharvesting, introducing alien species and degrading habitats. Although we are only beginning to understand it, the human impact on the biosphere is alarming. What will this path lead us to?

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Human Perspective

The natural environment serves many purposes. It provides space and resources for living beings, and has particular value for us humans. The SOS Symposium will look at how nature is of particular importance to us. One can argue that our security and sanity depend on keeping nature intact. Also, we as humans need to reverse the current trend against scientific accuracy.

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