The atmosphere is a crucial part of what makes our Earth liveable. Not only does it provide us with oxygen, it also blocks some of the Sun's dangerous rays from reaching Earth and traps heat, allowing for a stable climate. But over the past century, human activity has had tremendous impact on the atmosphere. How have big changes like Climate Change altered the atmosphere?


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Prof. Dr. Rik Leemans

Wageningen University & Research

The impact of Climate Change and other ecological changes exacerbated by human activity on the atmosphere is well-documented. Our expert speaker will provide a scientific analysis of those impacts.

Dr. Maarten van Aalst

Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre

Local and regional temperatures, even when the 2° C rise target as a global average would be achieved, are getting so high that skins will be burning and 500 million people may have to leave large parts of the Middle-East and North Africa.